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 Another blog? … sometimes we ask, “Why?” And to each writer, the answer to the question is what gives purpose.  So, to those who might ask why I am inspired to write on this site, the answer is first to give insight to my parent’s love and passion for Christ. 

The second reason is to call back to those behind me. My childhood and young adult life were much simpler than life for our children and grandchildren today.  Grandmother, aunts, and uncles who shared my parent’s values created a strong support system for those of us who dared to believe what they shared with us.  While the proximity of families is more distant in today’s world, I am writing here to leave a little of the history and values of my family that might otherwise be unknown.

Have you ever taken the time to try to capture the first conscious memory in your life? I found it difficult and vague at best, but it seems the very first cognizant memory I have is in an apartment around 37th Avenue in Chattanooga.  We were preparing to go somewhere when I distinctly remember Mother saying, “Oh…” (I will purposely omit the remaining details, but I chuckle even today as I remember) and even funnier was her and Dad’s humorous response when, many years later, I shared with them that her comment was the only thing I remembered about living in that place.

The next memory is living on a nameless street between Peachtree and Oak Street in Rossville, Georgia where the chubby little lady-landlord came in a chauffeur-driven vehicle every Saturday morning to collect the rent. This continued until the man on the corner of Peachtree offered my parents a newly renovated house straight across the (literally) unnamed street – but our address was S. Peachtree Street, Rossville GA.

Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, once said, “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man[1].  It certainly seems that the influences while growing up on Peachtree Street set a good course for my life.  I hope you will enjoy the memories … subscribe to the blog … leave your comments as we journey from there to here with


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Early Memories of Daddy and Mother

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