I Will Not See You Today . . .

. . .to celebrate the day of your birth.  And it seems a little unnatural to wish you Happy Birthday in Heaven when the day of your arrival there has never ended.  For that I can be thankful, for you had come to dread long, dark evenings.  I smile when I hear the quibbling over what Jesus was saying in John 14 and am again thankful that the “place” He has prepared will not be a lonely place.  I am not real sure I would enjoy living in a mansion all alone – so just maybe it really is a “place” among those we love – you know like it was when all the family came home and there were people everywhere. It is possibly beginning to look a lot like that now since it seems there are more of them over there than are here.  . . I can only imagine!

Never noticed until you were gone that all we know about Paradise is, “Absent from the body, present with the Lord.” It would be nice if you could let us know what that looks like.  I still get the urge to call to let you know I am on my way when I start home from anywhere . . . it is possibly the hardest part of my day – so I just tell the Lord the things I would like to tell you.  And never a night goes by that I do not ask Him to tell you that I still love you.  Has He ever told you?  Such knowledge would probably be too wonderful for me to comprehend . . .

Do you remember when we argued but just never learned the art of pouting or holding a grudge . . . you would slip up behind me and whisper, “You can’t stay mad at me can you?” Or you would walk through the room singing, “I’ll be loving you always…” or “I love you truly” – both tunes from our wedding and usually about as off-key as they were that night!  I remember and can’t help but chuckle!

I still wear the pearls you bought me on our first Christmas and cherish your last gift (a replica of The Vanderbilt Service Teapot that was displayed in the Oak Sitting Room in the Biltmore House) – and how could I forget the anniversary card you gave to me only minutes before you left me that you had signed, “I love you very, very much” – so many memories I can’t count them!

No, I cannot see you today, but I can remember that today is your earthly birthday and the many reasons why I will love you until we meet again.



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  1. That was beautiful, Phyllis! I miss him very much, but I can’t imagine how much you miss him! Many precious memories. How beautiful Heaven must be. Love you! ❤️

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