On This Day In History – March 10, 1960

Almost daily an announcer on some local radio station will resort to discussing This Day in History.  While most information is just that … and totally irrelevant to the average listener, today is different – and yet when I searched and read the Google accounts of this day in history there was absolutely nothing I could relate to – even checked the historical weather information to see if I could find information matching my memories.  Nothing!

But despite the lack of information lying around on the search engines, March 10, 1960 was a big day in the lives of the Family From Peachtree.  Mother sent us off to school, much like any other day.  But it wasn’t just another day! At some point after we left for school, a huge moving truck backed up to our front door on Carden Avenue in Rossville, Georgia and carted everything we owned to Fourteenth Street in Tifton GA. When I left school that afternoon, I walked the half-block to my Grandmother’s home (she lived with my Aunts Louie and Rosella, but it was called Grandma’s house).  I can’t find anything to support a vague memory that there was snow on the ground but I do remember it was very cold and dreary. Plopping down on the living room sofa, I recall staring out the window.  It all felt so strange!

I have no memory of talking with anyone (even Loretta) that evening – what did we do for dinner? Although if you know anything about my Grandma’s house, you are quite sure that we did indeed eat well – no shortage of good food in that house – catered especially to whatever our appetite was at the moment. But I do remember that strange, empty feeling. Life, as I knew it, felt like a distant memory.  And indeed, the course of our lives forever changed on This Day in History – 1960.



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