Peaches and Oreos

“Do you remember your first Oreo cookie?” asked the YouTube popup this morning. And being one that is intrigued with “first memories” my thoughts immediately responded, “Why, yes I do!”

Stepping back into the early to mid-fifties, I remembered the little house with a white picket fence on the “nameless” street between Oak and Peachtree Streets.  It was small and simple by today’s standards, but it was home nonetheless and often the place for feeding the preacher(s). 

Mother was not a gourmet cook but I have no memory of having ever complained about what we had to eat – dinners (or supper in those days) were beans and potato meals – we only had meat on Saturday night. For breakfast we were on our own unless daddy was off from work and lunch was usually purchased with a quarter at the local Robinson’s grocery.  That was living – I regret that my boys had to drive their Camaro’s to the store and never had the experience of walking the city streets — although they probably do not share my regrets.  Well, as I often do, I have chased a rabbit and drifted from my “Oreo” memory.

As I recall, our church was in revival with an evangelist by the name of Johnny Boatner and he was invited to eat at our home.  The table was in the center of the small kitchen, and I don’t remember if we kids got to eat at the table or had to wait until the adults finished – what I do remember is when it came time for dessert, Mom pulled out a bowl of sliced peaches and bag of Oreo cookies. If memory serves me right, I was standing in the door between the bedroom and the kitchen, when Preacher Boatner began assuring my mom that peaches and Oreos were his favorite dessert and said to me (and probably to my sister and the preacher’s son, as well), “let me show you how to eat peaches and Oreos. And to this day, it is the only way I have ever eaten them together.

Into the small dessert bowl, he dipped a hearty portion of the peaches, took out three or four Oreos and proceeded to crush the Oreos and peaches together – ever watched a YouTuber sample their creation – then you get the picture: “Hmm…good,” he said, “you need to try it.”  And I did!  The rest is history.

It seems so appropriate on this Father’s Day weekend to have been reminded of the happy home of my childhood.  I have no regrets and am thankful that my parents communicated to me that the opinion of anyone and everyone paled when compared to what God thought – the filter in our home was not friends, the Church or Pastor, but God – and in their estimation, God had a lot more opinions than most people wanted to think He did – so we were reared to find out what He thought and live accordingly.

Today I was reminded of my blessings as well as how much I like Oreo’s and peaches and would like to offer you this simple challenge, “Ask God what He thinks and wait for His answer” (don’t take someone else’s word) and try “peaches and Oreos!” You won’t be disappointed!



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