First Memories


…but I chuckle even today as I remember) and even funnier was her and Dad’s humorous response when, many years later, I shared with them that her comment was the only thing I remembered about living in that place.

We moved from 37th Avenue to a nameless street between Peachtree and Oak Street in Rossville, Georgia where the chubby little lady-landlord came in a chauffeur-driven vehicle every Saturday morning to collect the rent. This continued until the man on the corner of Peachtree offered my parents the newly renovated house straight across the (literally) nameless street.  We lived there until the end of my sixth grade when my parents purchased their first home on Carden Avenue.  This was where we lived until 1960 at which time Burlington Industries transferred my Dad to Tifton, Georgia.

We spent eighteen months in Tifton, made life-long friends and I watched my parents remain constant in their values – it was in those months that it was modeled to me that when in Rome you don’t do as the Romans do. Not only did they impact my life but others as well with their commitment to Christ during the months we lived there.

After Dad’s call to the gospel ministry, we moved back to Chattanooga where they continued to influence my life until Christ was formed in me and I came to understand more clearly their passion and dedication … providing the source and inspiration for the things you will read on this site – whether biographical or inspirational.



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