The Lord knoweth . . .

Nahum 1 7

Some months ago, I began following the story of a little boy that had recently suffered severe brain injuries from a falling tree limb while celebrating his birthday with family.  He is one of several children and it has been painful to watch this family’s hopes for a quick and full recovery dwindle into acceptance of a new normal.  The family’s faith has been inspiring, albeit heart-wrenching at times as they come to grips with Nahum’s injuries and prognosis.

Recently someone posted the picture of a bracelet (designed to remind followers of Nahum’s story) with the inscription “Nahum 1:7.” Without a second thought I ordered the bracelet and wear it continually – day and night! Why? Yes, it is a reminder to pray for Nahum and his family – but really because it struck a deeper chord in my heart.

Somewhere in the past, we sang the song, “Dear Lord don’t let me fail you or lose my faith in Thee.” I often pointed out that I had no doubt that I had and would fail the Lord many times despite a sincere desire to please Him.  It was the second phrase that struck fear in my heart – could it be possible to lose faith in One so faithful … of impeccable character … that loved so much He died for me?  Of course, it was possible, and I feared even the thought.

The past few months have been painful – faith-shaking painful – and the pain has not been lost on Satan. At every turn of the Scripture flip chart, Cliff’s Bible Verse box, and/or Bible/devotional readings, Satan has been quick to ask, “How has it worked out for you?”  Well, to be honest, right now it doesn’t look like it has worked at all – but I have refused to argue with him – refused to dignify his accusations by repeating them even to the Lord – simply letting the tears fall as I am reminded that the Lord hears the accusations against His character and faithfulness.  This affirmation only brings an accusation from Satan that I do not trust the Lord – you are just saying words you don’t even believe.  First, he accuses God – then he accuses me. The fight is real and sometimes it seems as if it is a no-win battle.

Someone recently asked, “What is that bracelet you are wearing?” I explained the intent of the design and then offered that this verse has for many years been my favorite Bible verse because when I am not sure if I am trusting Him, I am reminded that I don’t have to argue the point because Nahum says, “…the Lord knoweth …”

Yes, HE KNOWETH! The songwriter says the roses will bloom again, just wait and see!  Maybe they will and maybe they won’t – but if the roses never bloom again, I can rest in knowing that HE KNOWETH those that trust in Him even when all seems lost and the day is as dark as the nighttime!



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